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8 napos tengeri vitorlástúra a Márvány-tengeren Bodrumból, teljes ellátással, akár 210 EUR/fő ártól! Indulás: minden hétvégén, április 20-tól október 20-ig.

Tour DetailsSlacken the sails and slow down for a week of sultry sun worship. Live the high-sea life on a old-school sailing boat, yachting your way through Turkey`s most tantalising islands, from beautiful Bodrum to gorgeous Gokova and back. Cruise to Cleopatra`s isle, lunch in Longoz, overnight in English bay and let nothing but the tides rule your rhythm...

Product category: Legend Gullets
This tour has better quality gullets compared to the 4 Day Gullet options, and is more popular with the 30+ age group.

Accommodation DetailsMake the hand-crafted Gulet your home and cosy down in a double or single cabin, letting the waves sway you to sleep. Or if you fancy a dawn chorus, drag a mattress onto the deck and snooze under the stars!

Day 1We board the Gulet in Bodrum around 5pm. Relax with a welcome drink at the pre-cruise information session. Enjoy an onboard dinner while meeting the other passengers. Overnight in Bodrum harbour.

Day 2After breakfast, we sail to Orak Island for lunch and then cruise to our overnight stop at Cokertme, a small and picturesque fishing town.

Day 3Early start as we cruise for Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands). Spend the day amid beautiful island panorama before arriving in Kufre.

Day 4After breakfast we set off for Longoz. Overnight in Karacasogut village, just 25km away from Marmaris.

Day 5From Marmaris the yacht sails to Sedri Adasi (Cleopatra Island). We spend the afternoon sailing to English port for our overnight stop.

Day 6An enchanting cruise to Disibilmez and Baba Islands, before we return to the region of Ekincik.

Day 7Early morning sail to Pabucburnu. After lunch in Yaliciftlik Bay, we sail back to Bodrum for our final night on the yacht.

Day 8After breakfast, we disembark.

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